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  • Are all of your ingredients that you use organic?
    Most of our ingredients are organic when we can get them that way. If you ever are curious about an item and if it is organic, please ask a wellness associate and they will properly assist.
  • Is sourdough gluten free?
    Sourdough is not gluten free but many people who have sensitivities to gluten are able to eat it with no problem because of the fermentation process when making sourdough. It is a lot better for your gut!
  • Why do you care about glyphosate?
    Glyphosate is Round Up, also known as a weed killer for plants. Round up has several negative side effects to your body. One of the largest problems with glyphosate is that it is an endocrine disruptor (messes with your hormones) & is linked to cancer.
  • Do you have Gluten Free or Dairy Free options?
    We sure do! All of our paninis can be made gluten free by using gluten free bread. Our salads are also gluten free (minus the croutons). Any of our drinks/food can be made dairy free by omitting the cheese and using plant protein instead of whey protein if that’s in the recipe. Our dressings & aioli are dairy free. Our Granola Bars and Blondies that we make are also gluten free. We use almond flour and whey protein powder in the recipes. Our Pesto is not dairy free.
  • What kind of lettuce do you use?
    Our lettuce is from Great Lakes Growers. It is grown indoors in a hydroponic farm so there are no pesticides or herbicides sprayed on it.
  • Why do you use organic when possible?
    Organic foods haven’t been contaminated/sprayed with glyphosate, do not contain GMO’s, do not have artificial dyes or artificial flavoring. These are all important to avoid as much as possible for our health which is why we love to use organic when we can.
  • Is your protein powder dairy free?
    The protein powders we have for retail (Just Ingredients & Naked Whey) are not dairy free. We do have a plant based option to add to smoothies. Once Just Ingredients restocks their vegan protein powders, we will carry them.
  • What oils do you use for cooking & your salad dressings?
    We only use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), coconut oil or avocado oil. You’ll never find inflammatory oils (such as canola, vegetable, sunflower oils) in our food or in any of our retail products.
  • Are your salad dressings dairy free?
    Yes! All dressings we made and use are.
  • Can I have collagen if I’m breastfeeding?
    Yes! Collagen is completely safe.
  • What ingredients are in the sourdough you use?
    The sourdough we use for the paninis is a sandwich loaf made with sourdough discard, so it is not a full sourdough bread. It contains unbleached flour, sourdough discard, water and salt only.
  • What’s the difference between whey and plant?
    Whey is an animal product- a byproduct of milk. Our whey is from 100% grass-fed cows. Plant protein is from plant sources, such as pea protein.
  • Why do you add mushrooms in certain smoothies?
    Adaptogenic mushroom have so many health benefits! We use about ¼ tsp of a mushroom in powder form so you would never know it’s in there based on the taste. Some benefits include improved mood, brain function, energy, and muscle repair.
  • What is beauty bovine collagen?
    Bovine simply means it’s an animal byproduct. It also contains a phytonutrient beauty blend that supports overall skin health and skin elasticity.
  • What brand/flavor of coffee do you brew?
    Organic Peru from Caruso’s
  • How can I contact you?
    Email us: Call us: Monday- Saturday at (440) 634-1420.
  • Where are you located?
    You can find us at 275 S Main St, downtown Amherst, OH!
  • Where/How do I order?
    You can order online for pickup HERE. You can also place a delivery order through doordash HERE. Feel free to also stop by and place an order in person.
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